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Our Services

At Valroy Construction, we offer a variety of services to all of our residential, medical and dental construction projects. For our clients, this full-service approach allows for shorter design and construction timelines, as well as greater cost control, providing a finished product more quickly and with fewer roadblocks.
  • Costing: budgets, estimates and bids

  • Phasing review

  • Value engineering and planning

  • Cost analysis

  • Scheduling/booking

  • Review of design-build options

  • Design process management

  • Completion of design and engineering

  • Research and review ideas

  • Document development/creation

  • Company reviews and approval

  • Permits/licenses

  • Restorations and refurbishments

  • Conversions and renovations

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Upgrades and improvements

  • General construction

  • Construction management

  • Project management

  • Administration and coordination

  • Safety control

  • Staffing recruitment

  • Craftsmen outreach

  • Cost analysis

  • Scheduling/booking

  • Value and quality review

  • Construction closeout

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