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Design-Build Process

At Valroy Construction, we follow a dynamic four-part design-build delivery method for all of our residential, medical and dental construction projects. For our clients, this process lends itself to a number of benefits, including shorter design and construction timelines and greater cost control, providing a finished product more quickly and with fewer roadblocks.

Design Process

Part 1: Pre-Construction

In this first step, our project coordinator, architect and design team will work with you to:

  • Develop an operational agreement, which outlines all project activities and duties

  • Determine your requirements for the project and develop the design-build plans accordingly

  • Review financials to determine the best way to provide your build with the most value

  • Facilitate Architect and Consultant Selection

  • Project scoping and phasing

  • Develop Master Schedule and Budget

  • Source local subcontractors

  • Create a Finalized Construction Plan, addressing all of your needs

  • Competitive bidding of the project to trusted subcontractors and suppliers

  • Guide all construction documents through the permit process

Build Process

Part 3: Construction

During construction, we act as the single point of contact with all of the subcontractors to:
  • Track all required insurances and payments

  • Provide on-site management through our project managers and superintendents

  • Monitor the schedule to keep all project activities on target

  • Ensure accountability and open communication between all parties

  • Conduct weekly construction coordination meetings with subcontractors

  • Complete multiple checklists to ensure the highest of quality and craftsmanship

Build Process

Part 2: Walkthroughs

Viewing designs on paper and in-person can be two very different experiences. To allow for a more fluid design process, a number of strategic walkthroughs will be scheduled over the course of your build:
  • Before walls are erected, color-coded tape will be used to mark out walls and casework, allowing for a physical walkthrough of the proposed space

  • After framing is completed, another walkthrough will be scheduled to get a feel for how the space is shaping up

  • Before the walls are closed in with drywall, a third walkthrough will be scheduled to address any changes

  • Upon project completion, a final walkthrough will be conducted to ensure that you are satisfied with your new office or home

Build Process

Part 4: Completion

As the design and build project nears completion, our team will:
  • Review all inspection reports

  • Verify that subcontractors have completed their duties before sign-off

  • Compile all closing documentation (necessary warranties, manuals, as-built plans, etc.)


To learn more about our dynamic design-build process, please contact our team for more information.

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