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Office and Retail Construction

The experience that our construction company has gained in the highly detailed and specialized health care field has provided us with a solid foundation that can be applied to other commercial design build projects within office and retail environments. From concept to completion, our experienced team works with the client through our dynamic four-part delivery method to design and build spaces that exceed expectations.

Partner with Valroy Construction to take your dental, medical, office and retail design build project to the next level! To share your vision, please contact us here.

Dental and Medical Construction

Valroy Construction takes pride in our ability to understand the needs of our commercial clients by building innovative dental and medical construction projects that not only meet their expectations and goals but also offer outstanding quality and value. Our team has many years of combined experience in the field, which has been fine-tuned over a number of design and build projects. Valroy Construction also specializes in OSHPD 3 compliance. 


We have specifically made a name for ourselves in the dental industry by producing top-of-the-line facilities that redefine the ordinary. By working closely with respected and knowledgeable industry equipment representatives, architects and engineers, we are able to achieve a unique combination of breathtaking beauty and high-flow functionality for our valued clients.

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